cinemation software


“Cinemation” is a very powerful and flexible web-based programmable automation solution. Being web based, it is conceivable to have full control over all auditorium functions whether it’s light, audio levels,  projector and server from any web capable device on the same network.

With its adaptability, programmability and user-friendly GUI, the average user can easily customize tasks and events to specifically suit the needs of their own theater.

cinefm software


CineFM is a web based file manager, built around new technologies, such as NodeJS, HTML5 and CSS3.


  • Dual-pane view (similar to Norton Commander)
  • Built with the Cinema world in mind, useful for ingesting movies into projectors from various sources
  • Tested on Debian Jessie
  • Provide copy, folder creation and deletion (but no move/upload/download) functions
  • Possibility to chroot panel separately
  • Possibility to limit write operations on either panel
  • Copy progress (copy accomplished with rsync)
  • Ftp client connection